Congrats on another

great Chalk the WalkCongratulations Mount Vernon on another great Chalk the Walk weekend – the organizers and volunteers who put it all together, the participants who create the artwork, the friends and family who support them in doing so, the vendors and businesses who welcome everyone who visit to witness it, and the sponsors who help pay for it all.

As an adopted member of this community, it is my favorite weekend here to experience and as an artist, to be involved in. Perhaps surprisingly, my favorite part of it all is actually the rain that seems to so consistently arrive in the immediate days if not minutes of everything being completed. What took tens of thousands of accumulated hours of effort, in just moments is unsentimentally washed away.

This might serve to remind us to pause and consider why we do it – why we choose to spend so much of our time and energy on something which by it’s very nature is so fleeting. Maybe, even to remind us that life itself is made up of moments of beauty and that everything is, in fact, temporary.

Is it Art for the Ages? No, it is not, but the perennial dedication and commitment to creating it every year, by an entire town, most decidedly is.

Dave Pittman

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