Gary’s round-up

helps non-profitsThe Lisbon-Mount Vernon Ambulance Service (LMVAS) has stepped up fundraising efforts, partnering with local organizations, businesses, and individuals to support purchases that directly affect our patients and community members. One business we would like to recognize for helping our community-based ambulance service is Gary’s Foods.

For the last three years, Gary’s Foods has allowed LMVAS to run a round-up campaign during the month of September, during which store patrons can round up their extra change as a donation to the service. After adding this year’s $6,000 total, Gary’s Foods and its patrons have contributed more than $17,000 to the ambulance service over three years.

These funds have been used to support the purchase of a new, safer ambulance for our members and patients and this year will support the purchase of an autoload to create a safer transfer of the ambulance stretcher in and out of the ambulance.

We are truly grateful to be supported by our community and businesses like Gary’s Foods.

Jacob Lindauer

Director, Lisbon-Mount Vernon

Ambulance Service

Thanks for votingMy name is Mark Andresen. I ran for Mount Vernon city council. We had great candidates and, unfortunately, I fell short. I want to thank everyone who voted. It was a great turnout. It shows how much people care about our town. I will keep serving and ensuring that we continue to grow, while keeping our traditions. Again, thank you.

Mark Andresen

Mount Vernon

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