The renewal of the local option sales and service tax will also be on the ballot in the Nov. 2 general election.

Ron Corbett, vice president of economic development of the Cedar Rapids Economic Alliance, said he has been really pushing for a reminder of the sales tax extension in the metro areas of Cedar Rapids.

The continuation of the local option sales tax extension needs to pass by a simple majority (more than 50 percent of votes).

Polling has shown that roughly 69 percent of voters are in favor of extending the sales tax, with 25 percent not wanting the sales tax to not be renewed.

“It’s important for us to have most people vote yes, because if a large percentage votes no, it could repeal the sales tax and disrupt a revenue stream for area schools and local government,” Corbett said.

The economic alliance is also pushing for efforts like career fairs at local schools.

Corbett was asked about the impact of remote options for work. He said when people have been asked to move from remote working back to an in-person office settings, some choose to find jobs that offer that flexibility to work from home rather than return to the office, Corbett said.

“Unemployment remains very low in many of these communities,” Corbett said.

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