While scary stories are enjoyed throughout the year, October is the perfect time to indulge in a terrifying tale. Three new young adult novels lie waiting on the library shelves for any patrons brave enough to check them out!

High school can be a scary place — especially when ghosts are involved. Such is the case for teen medium Jake in Ryan Douglass’s new book The Taking of Jake Livingston. Following in the footsteps of his popular brother is hard enough, but when the vengeful ghost of a troubled ex-student begins to haunt Jake high school becomes an entirely more terrifying experience.

Ghosts are also at the heart of The Dead and the Dark by Courtney Gould. After Ashley Barton’s boyfriend disappears, she enlists the help of Logan — the daughter of popular local ghost hunters. Their attempts to commune with the spirits of their lost classmates quickly reveals a darkness at work in the town that neither of them were ready for.

Sinister secrets also plague Tiffany Jackson’s modern take on the haunted house novel, White Smoke. For Marigold, moving to a new city and a beautiful new home means putting the ghosts of her past behind her. But this new picture isn’t perfect and she soon discovers her house has its own dangerous secrets.

Check out these fear-inducing fictions at Cole Library today.

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