Resurfacing Business 30 in Lisbon has been put on hold after bids came in significantly higher than expected.

The base bid for the project came in at $1.577 million, roughly 35 percent higher than Lisbon city engineer David Schechinger’s original $1.1 million estimate. The only bid came from L.L. Pelling out of North Liberty.

The project included resurfacing Business 30 from Lisbon’s west city limits to the east city limits and doing patchwork in needed areas. An additional $300,000 in alternates were included in the project for needed turn lanes and adding milling to the area near Bunting Field and 4-L, roads that receive additional traffic.

“There’s currently a lot of volatility in the construction market,” Schechinger said, on the significant difference to the bids from the estimate.

Rising fuel costs is one factor, Schechinger said. He also noted that one of the most significant costs for the project was several feet of patchwork, which usually comes in at a cost of $30 per yard. For this project, that concrete work was coming in at $180 per square yard.

“It’s not just asphalt that we’re seeing higher bids for, it’s all construction materials across the board,” Schechinger said.

He hopes to meet with the contractor to see if there are ways to reduce costs or bid it as two different projects.

There is no rush to have this project completed, and the city sought bids since Linn County was doing work in the vicinity in hopes costs would be lower.

Schechinger said he will bring a formal recommendation to the council at its meeting June 14.

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