If you are spending these winter days of the pandemic close to home and are looking for a new learning opportunity, give Cole Librarys Transparent Language a try. Transparent Language is an online language learning tool, provided to you by Cole Library and the State Library of Iowa. Transparent offers instruction in over 100 languages from around the world. If you want to communicate with others in our diverse world, if you want to be sure you can communicate on your next trip abroad, or if you just want to give your brain a mid-winter workout, Transparent is right for you. To access Transparent, go to Cole Librarys website. Click on Resources and then on Online Databases, where youll find Transparent in the list. Have your library card number and the library password youve created handy, remembering that these credentials (card number and password) are what you need to access all of Cole Librarys resources from home. If you havent created a password, go to Resources and then to My Library Account for directions. Once you log on to Transparent, youll be asked to set up a personal Transparent account (at no cost, of course). This account will allow Transparent to keep track of the languages youre studying and the progress youre making. Transparents purpose is to help you achieve conversational fluency for informal settings. My partner has been using Transparent to learn French. He raves about its creative pedagogy and how much hes learned in a relatively short time. So, make good use of these dreary days, and treat yourself to new learning. If you have any questions, give us a call at the library.

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