The Mount Vernon-Lisbon Community Development Group’s community leaders’ breakfasts are a boon to the communities of Lisbon and Mount Vernon. Area business and community leaders can talk and share about the happenings in these communities.

These three-minute snapshots allow a number of area businesses and community leaders to share the challenges they’re facing or things they need feedback on.

Take Mount Vernon City Council member Stephanie West seeking input from citizens on how the council should tackle the potential of 15-to-20-minute parking spaces in the Mount Vernon uptown in some locations. Three of the businesses in uptown Mount Vernon have changed in the past year, and some of the practices, including outdoor seating that benefitted Fuel and the former Skillet Café, may need to be reevaluated moving forward, as those aren’t the same needs for some of the businesses now there. What are the community needs in uptown parking now?

It’s also a time for many businesses to note the supply side issues from the COVID-19, as well as employees retiring early or other workforce shortages. Businesses also share challenges they’re facing, like Underhill Truck and Auto Repair's challenge with the newly completed bypass and billboard restrictions not giving him an ability to advertise his business just off the bypass. Or Lynch Ford Chevrolet letting businesses know they have ability to advertise for places in the uptown for those visitors for car care and offer a shuttle into the uptown business community while their car gets needed repairs.

And some of it is just reminders of events coming up or being explored, like the hot cocoa with a cop event in early planning stages for the Mount Vernon-Lisbon Police Department to be held near the sledding hill in the coming months.

If you haven’t attended a community leaders’ breakfast, the next one is slated for April 7 at 7:30 a.m. at Cornell College’s Thomas Commons and is open to all members of the public.

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