AAA Mechanical Contractors to join NL industrial park

AAA Mechanical Contractors to join NL industrial park

NORTH LIBERTY- Three familiar green letters have found a new home in North Liberty. Come spring 2019, AAA Mechanical Contractors, Inc. will move from its Coralville location to 2755 Stoner Ct. in North Liberty.

The family-owned business employs between 40 and 50 workers and has resided on the Coralville River Landing for over 30 years, but is being displaced by the City of Coralville to make way for its future arena, the backside of which will reside at the former AAA building.

While being ejected from a longtime home isn't easy, President Jeff Koeppel said the City of Coralville has helped facilitate the move to North Liberty.

Established in 1963, AAA was purchased in 1988 by James Koeppel, who passed away in April this year. Today, the company is run by Koeppel's three children, who purchased AAA from him six years ago: President Jeff Koeppel and Vice Presidents Jim Koeppel Jr. and Tammy Musser. Jeff, whose name may be familiar from his days playing football for the University of Iowa in the 1980s, started working for his father after college.

The company, which hires its laborers out of Local 125 Plumbers and Pipefitters in Cedar Rapids, handles commercial and industrial plumbing and HVAC service and repairs in Eastern Iowa. AAA's portfolio includes the Penn Elementary School remodel a few years ago as well as the ACE (Architecture, Construction and Engineering) classroom program at Clear Creek Elementary, donating the labor and materials for the latter. Other North Liberty organizations serviced by AAA include both University of Iowa Community Credit Union (UICCU) locations as well as Frontier Cooperative Herbs.

North Liberty provides a new chapter for the siblings, who've worked together for the last 27 years.

"We felt like that was a great location for us, because we do work in Cedar Rapids and the Iowa City area," Jeff Koeppel noted of the new building, which will be heavily emblazoned with the company's distinct, green letters. "It's right off the interstate, which is good for deliveries and so forth, so we thought that was a perfect location."

Above all, the working owners look to honor their father through the continued success and growth of AAA.

"He had a big influence on my brother, sister and I," Jeff Koeppel remarked. "We have big shoes to fill since he's passed, and we're definitely going to try to make him proud."

Development of the new AAA building was approved by the North Liberty City Council in April. The result will be a 17,950 square foot building at the southwest corner of the Interstate 380 industrial park. Construction on the building is currently underway, and Koeppel said the company hopes to move in early March 2019.

"We're excited about moving to North Liberty, no question about it," he said. "It's a great location for us, and we like to give back to the community."

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