NORTH LIBERTY— Veterans, men and women donning the uniforms of our armed forces, set aside personal desires (“to be willing to die to self”) in support of their brothers and sisters. So said Head of the Heritage Christian School (HCS) Scott Montgomery in his opening remarks for the school’s annual Veterans Day Celebration, Thursday, Nov. 11.

“This morning our desire is to share and remember, and say thank you for that service, for that laying aside of your own desires to serve our country. Thank you for your service, we are profoundly grateful for what you’ve done.”

HCS and Clear Creek Amana High School alum Cole Sherman, through a video interview, was the featured speaker this year. Sherman, currently a junior at Iowa State University and a cadet in the Air Force ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps) program, spoke of his decision to serve, drawing upon his faith and family.

“We love this country, we love it here, we want to be able to give our best to protect it,” Sherman recounted. “If I have the ability to do something to help somebody else, that’s my obligation. We’re here because we love our families and we want to serve our country, our families, and our friends.”

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